Friday, 26 April 2013

Will It Be Any Good?... FREE 'Start Sewing' Magazine + 8 Patterns to Collect

Image Source: Advert from UK Commercial TV

Hmmm... seems that The Daily Mail (UK newspaper) is jumping on the bandwagon of the success of the BBC TV's The Great British Sewing Bee and in tomorrow's issue they are giving away a FREE 32-page sewing magazine (to be found inside of their usual "WEEKEND" Saturday-only supplement). I just spotted a telly advert for it. And, advertising like that is not cheap: either to make or pay for the airtime. So, maybe the publishers feel it will generate enough newspaper sales and interest from the general public that it warranted the production of this sewing-mag to increase their newspaper's sales?

This is the link to their webpage about the free mag: Start Sewing with The Mail!

It comes out in the Saturday 27th April 2013 issue.

Quote from their webpage:
"Free with this Saturday's Weekend magazine you’ll find a brilliant 32-page, step-by-step guide to sewing, with everything you need to know to become well and truly hooked.

Creative, money-saving and immensely satisfying - once you’ve mastered the basics, you can be endlessly inventive.

Whether you’re making a feminine frock, a costume for a school play or some cushion covers for your sofa. If you’re longing to try, then our brilliant booklet will show you how to do it!"

I hope that the pencil skirt in this picture is one of those patterns... it doesn't look half bad!

Image Source: The Dail Mail website
Then next week you can collect coupons to send off for 8 full size patterns... I'll be intrigued to see how they turn out!

Another quote from their webpage:
"Plus, starting with Monday's Daily Mail is the first of eight full size sewing patterns – fabulous projects which you can create with ease. Monday’s easy-to-follow full size pattern shows you how to create a pretty vintage tea dress – ultimately flattering and perfect for a sunny summers day.

    MONDAY: Pretty Vintage Tea Dress
    TUESDAY:  Classic chef's apron
    WEDNESDAY: Stylish everyday jacket
    THURSDAY: Summery circular skirt

And you can look forward to learning how to create a Classic chef’s apron – an easy project for a starter sewer which will be featured in Tuesday’s Daily Mail.

There will be eight patterns in total - including stylish every day jacket, summery circular skirt and the projects featured in your start Sewing Magazine – Tunic Top,  Girl’s Dress, Pencil Skirt and Pyjama Trousers.

How to Claim:
To claim your FREE Patterns, fill in the relevant coupon printed in the Daily Mail everyday next week and send it with a cheque for the correct amount along with 3 differently dated pattern specific tokens to the address given.

Hopefully, this will inspire more Great Britons to take up sewing! :)


  1. Interesting. It looks like The Mail has done a deal with the publishers of the Great British Sewing Bee Book as I recognise all of the featured patterns from it. I can't stand the Daily Mail personally, but like you, I hope this initiative will encourage more people to start sewing! x

  2. All these patterns featured are inside the GBSB book, and the photography is exactly the same too. I wonder if paying for their newspaper, plus the cheque and coupons they require would end up being cheaper than printing/copying the patterns within the book? Hmmm, do keep us posted when the first issue comes out!


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