Friday, 11 December 2015

Delta OL-1000 Overlocker: PDF Instruction Manual for Download.... "Paying it Forward!"

04 Overlocker - Front
My old 'Delta OL-1000 Overlocker' (Serger)
(More pics here)

Sometimes you just gotta read the manual right ;-)? I was browsing the web (as you do!) and I thought I'd look up my first Overlocker (Serger) model that I bought 2nd hand way back in October 2010. These days I'm totally loving the Brother 1034D that my lovely Hubby bought for me a birthday pressie coming up to 4 years ago - but I was curious to see if many people had my old machine.

My old machine is a Delta OL-1000 Overlocker, and my first taste of using it was at a class that I attended back in 2011 with Karen. I never got to use it too much at the time, and sadly I never got the hang of adjusting the tension to adeptly (I suspect I may be better at that now that I've made upteen T-Shirts on my Brother machine haha!). Less than a year after the class I got my 1034D and it's been happy overlocking all the way ever since :-) yay!

My browsing around brought up a few links where people had picked it up as a second-hand buy, or... where someone was desperate to get a hold of a copy of the instruction manual as their pre-loved machines were missing the user guide.

Well now - this struck a chord with me. And, being the helpful soul that I would like to think that I am, I decided to scan my own copy of the manual and to upload it to the world-wide-web for all and sundry to find. (I.e. my way of paying it forward!)

So, if you've come across my blog whilst searching for a copy of the guide book then your in luck folks! Here are 2 different places where I have uploaded the PDF file (it's around 17MB). I hope that it helps anybody who has been struggling to find a copy to print off. (NB: The pages are sized to A4 - so adjust your printer settings as you feel necessary peops!)

Download a PDF copy of the Instruction Manual for the Delta OL-1000 Overlocker Sewing Machine here:


Google Drive:

Here's an embedded preview from



  1. That is a really nice gesture. Sometimes it is hard to find a manual. I had to turn to the Internet when I lost the manual for my Necchi overlocker. It's a great resource. Xx

  2. Pls I need help... Someone told me that the Machine and Sew and Weave/overlock at the same time... Is that possible?? Pls respond🙏🙏


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