Saturday, 4 February 2012

Baked Goods in Brighton...


Well peeps it's 11.30am, and if you're not with Zoe and me in Brighton right *now - then you're sadly missing out on this box of home-baked goodness made by yours truly! See I said yesterday that we'd be having fun - icy weather shall not hinder us in the quest for sewing fun 'n' swapping :)

Marvellous muffins - double choc-chip and vanilla with icing 'n' sprinkles... what's not to love?!

Another note to self!!! I must, must, must fish out my photos and notes from the last fab meet-up that happened back in November '11 at Goldhawk Road in London - as organised by the lovely Stevie of Beebee'sVintageDress as it was another amazing day out too, and it so needs to be recorded here on my blog for my later reference and happy nostalgic recollections.

*Ahhh the magic of automatically scheduling your blog posts eh ;)?


  1. Hi Claire,
    Well done on such a great day yesterday - can't wait to see what you whip up with that plaid! Thanks for organising & see you soon xxx Sants

  2. Nom nom nom... I had mine for breakfast today!

    Thanks again lady, you are such a lovely thoughful person. Let me know when you are feeling another swap should be on the cards. I've already started to think if there are more things I could part with!

    Zoe xxx


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