Sunday, 15 July 2012

"Look Mum! I'm on TV!" (Well sorta ;) ....)

If YouTube is supposed to be like your own personal TV channel then does that count too ;)? (Hope so!)

Check out the video interview the delightful Miss. Dibs made of yours truly on our recent visit to Goldhawk Road here: The Blogger Series: Sew Incidentally.

Extra points if you can name the Bond villain I was imitating at the end of the clip... clue he was "Number 1" and worked for SPECTRE :)

Oh, and have a look at the other great interviews on Dib's channel too, of : Melizza from Pincushion Treats, and Rachel of House of Pinheiro.

OMG - What AM I doing here???

Me + an invisible white cat.
[Still screen shots above - taken from Dib's YouTube Video]

In other news, the spotty-dotty Scout Top is nearly done I am midst attaching the bias binding to the neckline and then that's it!


  1. hahahahaha. Great snapshots of the video.

  2. A fabulous video! I loved getting to 'know' you a little better. And you make a very good, but too cute, Bond Villain!

  3. LMAO! Oh, you are adorable! I love getting to hear the voices of people I'm used to reading. :D


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