Friday, 22 March 2013

Well I Know What I'll Be Watching On The Telly From April!!!

Book to accompany the BBC 2 TV Show

Well my Easter time will be filled with more treats than mere chocolate this year... yes indeedy there's telly-visual sewing treats to be had my stitching chums :)!!

Read all about it here: The Great British Sew Off - is sewing the new baking? and here:
After Bake Off's success, The Great British Sewing Bee will revive the fortunes of another traditional craft, predict the show's judges

Filmed last October, the show will be on air for 4 weeks, and features eight sewers. The challenges should be interesting if it follows in the footsteps of The Great British Bake Off (made by the same production company).

P.S. See if you can spot anyone you know below ;) ?

Great British Sewing Bee starts on Tuesday 2nd April, at 8pm on BBC2. The accompanying book by Tessa Evelegh is out too.


  1. Hi Claire I've booked my slot on the TV, bagged a place on the sofa and got my do not disturb signs ready. zora

  2. I had a feeling Tilly would do it. I'll be watching.

  3. I spy Tilly!

    Thanks for letting us know about this, I can't wait !

  4. Aha! At last, I've been waiting for this. Thanks Claire,

  5. I will have to scour YouTube and the Internet to watch!

  6. Oh yes. Time to start watching tv again. Iapart from tilly, I also spy ann rowley. She's the woman on the right with the pink cardigan. She is very active on a sewing forum and is always very helpful. She is very good too. Ohhhhh, cant

  7. Yay, I've been waiting for this! Thanks for the heads up, Claire :)

  8. I really cannot bear Claudia Winkleman, unkind I know but the turn off is the pale face hiding behind a too long fringe.

    However the idea is great and I hope it takes off. I've been involved with textile and thread crafts since the late 1950's


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