Saturday, 11 May 2013

A Box Inside of a Box... here's the contents from one of my mystery boxes I mentioned on May The Fourth ;)
So, what was in the box? Yup - another box LOL! 

05 - Vintage 4-Tier Cantilever Wooden Sewing Box - Packaging  01 - Vintage 4-Tier Cantilever Wooden Sewing Box

It's a cantilever-style vintage wooden sewing box - with 4-tiers, and some legs underneath. It came very well packaged, which was great as I was sort of worried about it getting damaged in transit.

My Mum stills has one that I remember her using as a little girl, and when I saw this one come up on eBay for £37.70 (£18.90 + £18.80 P&P)... I had to make it mine :)

There are similar new boxes available online here, here and here. Ignoring the legs the total outer dimensions of mine are: Length: 49cm x Width: 26cm x Height: 25cm - or with the legs Height: 42.5cm (Inches: 19¼" x 10¼" x 9¾" - with legs = 16¾"). I felt it was a good price considering this new, similar sized box costs £89.95 (not including delivery fees).

06 - Vintage 4-Tier Cantilever Wooden Sewing Box, Inside the top tier  07 - Vintage 4-Tier Cantilever Wooden Sewing Box, Inside all tiers

I gave mine a once over in all the nooks 'n' crannies with my steamer at home (quickly wiping up any water left on the surface with an old dry towel). The steaming was to eliminate any musty smells / fungus mould spores that might be present. Plus, the steam would kill off any moth eggs  (and any particularly nasty beg-bug eggs/insects) that could be invisible upon an initial inspection. I didn't want to introduce any new residents to my home LOL! I left the tiers open for a few hours after the steaming was complete - to fully dry off.

As it's a vintage item, there are a few places where the varnish finish has worn right through to the bare-wood, so I might at some point further in the future sand my box down with fine-grade sandpaper and then re-varnish it to protect the box for years to come :)
Now, I just need to squeeze it into my sewing room (if there's space hehe).


  1. Oh thats a very nice sewing box. Mela has one of those and I used to love it.

  2. That's a beauty, you did get a good deal. My husband's aunt has something similar that her husband made for her in the 50s when they were courting :)

  3. I love those boxes, I just have no idea where on earth I'd keep it! Steaming it is a clever idea. I'm intrigued to find out how much fits into it!

  4. My grandma used to have one, but it was probably pounced on by someone else after she passed away. :-( Yours is very nice, and I'm sure it'll get lots of use! :-)

  5. So cool! It's huge. I love those! I inherited one and it's a great memory of the woman who owned it.


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