Saturday, 18 May 2013

Sometimes Smaller IS Better!

... when it comes to screwdrivers and 'Needle Plates' on sewing machines that is!

See the lack of clearance my standard-normal sewing machine screwdriver has on the left (white handle) verses the mini-stubby screwdriver on the right has? With the ordinary one (which came with my Novum) I find that I have to hold it at an awkward slightly sideways-angle in order to remove or replace the screws. And, thus it always bumps into the body of the machine above the plate - boo :( !

Stubby Screwdriver verses Normal Sewing Machine Screwdriver

This little set of 6 screwdriver's has 2 flat-head types, and 4 others (which I'll probably never use - but I feel the other 2 are worth it LOL!). Hubby bought them for me - along with a bunch of other sewing goodies a while back for my Birthday this year (thanks Hubby - love you loads!).

Stubby Screwdriver Set

It definitely makes the chore of unscrewing the 'Needle Plate' a lot less of a hassle :) = win!

This set on Amazon is £3.19 inc. P&P, and this eBay seller (The Red Pencil) has a similar set for £1.25 + £0.75 (under £2 = bargain!).

Other options are these 3 very flat-style models: a Brother Round Sewing Machine Screwdriver (Product Code: XC1074051) available here, and here,

Image Source: Lord Sewing

... or this one for sale from this eBay seller (Coul Sew),

Image Source: eBay seller (Coul Sew)

... or this Janome Screwdriver Key.

Image Source: Ken Sewing Center

Here end-eth the short 'n' stubby story folks :)!


  1. I always use a coin (as instructed in my brother machine manual). Works perfectly!

  2. I've got one of those stubby screwdrivers as well. But I have used coins, (successfully), Knives (unsuccessful and dangerous come to think of it)and various other implements which after reading yours and Dibs posts I will never do again. Note to self. Must take more care of my machine it has done me proud over the years. zora

  3. I've got a little stubby screwdriver too, liberated from my Husband's extensive collection of tools!

  4. that's what that round thing is for! i tried using the screw driver that came with my borther and it was too tall. and while cleaning my craft corner, i found that rounded thing - now i'll finally get to clean under the throat plate :)

  5. Ah, those screwdrivers are so cute, I want to pinch their cheeks! And, you know, it's not only the sewing machine that I could use 'stubbies' like that. Sometimes, there are just ares that a long handle can't get into and I am frantically improvising with various sticks and coins, etc. These would work much better!

  6. I got myself a stubby screwdriver from the hardware store since I didn't like my sewing machine's included one, too, and I love it! :)


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