Saturday, 4 May 2013

May The Fourth Be With You...

... and with me too - I think I'm gonna need it (see below what I'm attempting to tidy-up this Bank-Holiday weekend LOL!) - anyone got any Jedi tricks I can use to speed things up huh?...

Plus... will I have room to fit the contents of these 2 mystery-boxes into the room when I'm done ;) ? LOL!
P1070435 P1070442

"What's in the boxes Claire?"

P.S. I absolutely could not resist the totally intentional Star Wars pun with today's date being May 4th and all (hehe!).


  1. Gosh, I'm speechless - that video is very HONEST!!!!
    Sorry but - What an absolute mess!
    I don't know how you make such amazing clothes in your sewing space, but obviously the Force is with you methinks!

  2. Your post title is truly inventive. About the sewing room - well we certainly can call you transparent. You opened up truthfully about the way it really is. Made me feel that I'm human with the condition of mine. You are truly a sewist!

  3. Trust me Claire, I totally know how you feel! My sewing space has gotten out of hand before (more than once)! But as annoying/time consuming as a sort out is, it's so rewarding!!! Good luck ;o)

  4. I'm so glad it not just me! Looks like my room...

  5. Good luck with your spring cleaning! I think after you get rid of the fabric on the floor it will already feel better. You already have many items neatly stored!

  6. Hi Claire, I hope the force has been with you this weekend so far. How much kit have you got it looks like an awful lot. My whole house could easily get looking like this so I know how you feel. Not sure I could be so honest about it as you though. I would probably stuff everything in a cupboard, so that it could not be seen.


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