Wednesday, 30 October 2013

UPDATE: Sleeve Pattern for Sorbetto Top

Back in August 2011, I digitised the sleeve pattern that  Mena of 'The Sew Weekly' created to go with the FREE Sorbetto Tank Top pattern by Colette Patterns.

I've just updated my old blog post to add-in what I believe to be the approximate pattern-size that the sleeve should fit. (NB: Mena didn't state what size the sleeve pattern is she originally drafted.) 
Image Source: 7 days of Sorbetto - The Sew Weekly, Coral Tank Top and Logo - Colette Patterns
I've done a bit of measuring of the stitching-lines, and I reckon that the sleeve-pattern is most likely for the Size 6 on the pattern, with approximately 3/4(20mm/2cmof sleeve-cap ease. You might even be able to squeeze this sleeve onto the Size 8 armhole - without any easing at all. Remember though... on the sleeve-pattern the stitching line on the sleeve cap has been printed to show  5/8(15mm/1.5cm) seam allowance... BUT that the armhole on the bodice pattern pieces has a ¼" (6mm/0.6cm) seam allowance folks!!!

I've turned the comments off on this blog-post, so if you'd like to comment about the sleeve-pattern please go here to the original-post and leave your comments there instead please guys... :)