Sunday, 19 January 2014


...and the 2 lucky winners of the GIVEAWAY are UK commentor No. 21 Alexandra who blogs over at Alexandra and the Cuckoo Clock and International commentor No. 29 - Candace who blogs over at Sad Sewista.

Congratualtions Ladies! I've sent you an email requesting your postal address so I can send your fab new goodies to you :) And I'll be emailing you photos of your fabrics available to make your individual-selections from - so that I can make you the custom-made, specially commissioned Tailors Pressing Ham of your heart's desire!

And if you sadly missed out on this opportunity to win a Tailor's Pressing Ham and Pressing Ham Holder... then please do keep a keen eye out for new posts on my blog in early February 2014 for some exciting news about how you might be able to get your hands on your own special set of pressing tools to add to your arsenal of sewing notions 'n' tools ;)!!!


  1. Congratulations to Alexandra and Candace!!

  2. Yay! Hurray! Thank you! :) I never win anything, so I'm totally thrilled! Also, I can't wait to actually have a tailors ham! At the moment, I use a rolled up towel, and it's pretty ineffective!

  3. Yes, Claire I did miss the giveaway because I am super behind on my blog roll. So I am really looking forward to your news. The fabric you chose is great! What I love about your hams is how fat they are. I made two and never achieved the same fullness.


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