Saturday, 1 January 2011

A New Blog, A New Year, and Finally, My First Blog Post!

I’ve been promising myself since June/July of last year (so give or take a good 6 months) that I would finally start posting on my blog. I’d even sorted out a lovely banner image for myself, added in widgets, links to interesting websites I like etc., but still I felt either too shy/ nervous/ apprehensive/ lazy [please delete as you see applicable ;)] to actually post something.

Hence, in the parlance of Peter I remained a S.W.O.B. (Sewists Without Blogs), or as I preferred to term it a SWAUOB or SWABB (sewist with an un-opened blog / sewist with a blank blog) :D!

Following the encouragement of the lovely Tanit-Isis (she of the Lady (Grey) in Red Club) and enthused by the lovely and interesting writings of people like Adey,
Casey, Elaine, Gertie, Juebejue, Karen, Karin, Kathleen, Melissa, Miss Celie, Novita, Patty, Peter, Sewiknittoo, Shelley, Sunni, Tasia, Tilly, Zoe (all of which quite frankly make up part of a long and ever growing list of regular and addictive daily reading on my laptop) I have taken the plunge and made my first post.

Hopefully, this will be a place for me to document my personal trials and tribulations of sewing feats 'n' failures, my triumphs and troubles alike. I have my fingers crossed that I shall have the strength of character to feel able to write of the good, the bad and the ugly in equal measure.

Reading through so many of the projects and thoughts of other sewing enthusiasts, it is clear to me that they have felt the benefits of being able to measure their developing skills, and their growing (or occasionally waning!) love affair with their stictched creations. But, always it seems to make for an enjoyable journey and one worth travelling the distance. I hope that the sewing journey brings to me as much joy and positive experiences as I have seen shared openly by others across the web (and across the globe), I'm ready to take things a step stitch at a time. Wish me luck please :) !


  1. Good luck!! It's scary to hit 'publish' on your first post but it definitely gets easier. You've left so many great comments and sewing suggestions on our blogs, I look forward to reading about your sewing adventures!
    Happy New Year and happy blogging!
    Tasia :)

  2. yay!!! I had been checking this empty blog a few times and i am happy to see some posts! looking forward to all your stories!

  3. Thanks for the support guys - it's appreciated loads! I've found so many inspiring, funny, witty, charming and helpful blogs out there - and I'm just working away on my little effort to see if it can be even at little-bit as fab as both of yours (and everyone else's) are :)

  4. Hello Claire, I've been checking your blog for a while as you leave lots of great comments, so it's wonderful that you are posting at last.

  5. Hi daisydonut (Jane), thank you so much for visiting my blog :)! I've only been going 11 days & I've already managed to post around x1 every x2 days - I was worried I'd not have much to say, but I've got lots of little bits 'n' bobs I find I want to post about - so that I don't forget all the sewing-thoughts I have, and things I am/want to learn.

    P.S. The fur collar on your blog looks fab!


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