Monday 10 November 2014

I'm in the #bpSewvember 'Sewing Photo a Day Challenge' Are you?

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I've been having lots of fun on my Instagram account posting photos for Amanda at's great SEWING PHOTO A DAY CHALLENGE.

The challenge is running for the entire month of November, and a different photo is posted each day - along with the hashtag #bpSewvember. it's a great way to connect and sharing with other sewing fans and to spread the sewing lurve!!

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Here's my contribution so far (a collage of Days 1-9).

Friday 7 November 2014

PRIMA Pattern, November 2014 - 2 Skirt Styles

The November 2014 PRIMA Magazine pattern is available to order by phone until the end of this month. 

For November 2014, Prima Magazine are offering 2 styles of quick and easy skirts. A gathered skirt with a wide-yoke for a slim fit at the waist - with side-seam pockets, and can be made as a full-length maxi-skirt, or above the knee. The flared A-Line skirt can be made below the knee or in a midi skater-length.

The patterns as usual both come in Sizes 10 - 20 (UK).

Prima Magazine - Pattern, November 2014 (03)

When I looked at the copy of the pattern for the flared *A-Line skirt I thought that it looked much like the patterns you see for 'Circle Skirts'. And having measured it and done a little bit of maths, I've determined that it is indeed ⅓ Circle-Skirt pattern

See my old post here on tips for ordering their patterns: PRIMA Magazine: How to Order Their Sewing Patterns.

For my some of my thoughts on PRIMA Magazine's sewing patterns - and how I'd personally like to see them change to make things better and easier for sewing-fans - please see this link here Claire's Tuppence Worth... .