Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas to One and All!

Image Source: ... me! I drew this, ain't it cute ?

Well, it never fails to surprise me how the Christmas festivities just creep up on you - it's so weird, because even though it happens every year it just always seems inside of my head that the last Christmas was more than 12 months ago (I know maybe I'm crazy, but it just feels like longer).

Anyway, whether you personally celebrate Christmas or not - I think we should all embrace the spirit of goodwill to all mankind - so here's to good health and good fortune to one and all of you out there!

YouTube Video: Shakin' Stevens - Merry Christmas Everyone

P.S. Keep you eyes peeled for a special post from me on New Year's Day... as my little blog turns 1 year old, so I shall be celebrating this special anniversary with a GIVEAWAY (or two yay!). The giveaway details to follow... and it will be open to both UK and overseas entries :)

I'll be enjoying festive cheer with my family and in-laws when this post goes out, so wherever you area I hope you have a lovely time - remember it's not about gifts, it's about giving love and understanding :)


  1. Although sleepy I read your entire blog last night. I think it is wonderful! I was amazed that we actually have a lot in common - sewing book fanatics (I just got a new one in the mail yesterday), obsessive tendencies over notions and tools that we think are sure to make the job more professional or at least quicker/better, etc. etc.

  2. @Suzy
    Thank you - I hope you had a great Christmas too!

    @Faye Lewis
    LOL! I've got even more books now opps! (See today's post).

    And, thank you for reading all of those blog posts Faye :)

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