Thursday, 31 May 2012

All Quiet on The Sewing Front...

So, my weekend trousers fitting course at the end of April was very interesting. Lots of great info., and a knowledgeable, enthusiastic tutor helped make the 2 days enjoyable. I'll do a proper review of the course - along with some tips for getting the most from their time for anyone thinking of attending.

Here's a peek at a photo of one of the alterations I had to make to my first toile - effectively lengthening the CB (centre-back) seam close to the crotch-curve.
Putting it all behind me - à la derrière LOL!

I've been adding to my self-made sewing tools, with a DIY effort a couple of weeks ago to make myself a Pressing Board (sometimes called an Ironing Board Topper). I bought the plywood, calico, fashion-fabric, batting (wadding) , and twill-tape for it months ago - and had been waiting until the recent spate of fair weather in order to venture forth into the garden for a session with my staple-gun.


I got inspired by some posts on blogs and around the web such as:  

Unfortunately for me, all that stapling totally screwed-up my wrist, and caused a nasty flare-up of the tendonitis I occasionally come down with - making typing, using scissors, brushing my teeth etc. a right 'ol fiddle :(
So, I've still got to make the removable fashion-fabric cover from my already pre-washed IKEA Gunilla Fabric. I also plan to make an extra removable fabric cover in Calico (Muslin) to use when pressing/ fusing iron-on interfacing pieces.

Anyway, I've been wearing the above wrist support 24/7 and it's getting better (I always have a support in my handbag in case of random flare-ups) - hopefully I might even use my sewing machine this weekend! Funnily enough all the scraps of cotton wadding from the pressing board project came in handy for my wrist; the neoprene it's made from is very sweaty - and the soft cotton helps make it far more comfortable to live with.

In the meantime, (as per usual for me when not actively sewing ;)!) I've been added to the sewing stash - courtesty of BMV pattern sales (oops!).

Things I planned to do in May, but have still to achieve:
  Type up post from my copious handwritten notes on my Scout Woven T-Shirt.
   Take photos and write tutorial for Pressing Ham + Seam Roll.
   Ditto... re: Ham Holder!
   Sew the red-blouse I was planning from a Vintage Pattern (borrowed from a friend!)
   Complete the alterations to the pattern from my trouser fitting course and make my 2nd toile (maybe even a 3rd!). 

Here's hoping June is more productive (and healthy too)! :)


  1. I have a couple of those wrist braces in a drawer in case of flare ups too. Hope you are better soon.

  2. Oh no. Hope your wrist gets better soon.

  3. Thanks for your kind thoughts Ladies!
    My wrist is feeling much better and (for the moment) I'm back to being strap-free! And no more staple-gunning for me in the future ;)!


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