Friday, 1 February 2013

Yup It's Over 60... Items That Is - Ready To Swap!!

20 pieces of fabric
1 book by Claire Shaeffer
2 Cath Kidston booklets
16 Zips
2 Plastic Pin Boxes (Vintage an in need of a clean?)
10 small spools of thread
2 Silicone Finger Guards (Pressing Aids)
6 Pieces of Single-Fold Bias Binding
2 copies of SEW Hip Magazine

err.... I think that's it folks!

20 pieces of fabric ready to swap!

The Complete Book of Sewing Short Cuts 

Slide show - of all the goodies below :)


These are all destined to find new homes at tomorrow's meet-up in Walthamstow... maybe you'll be taking one of them home with you :) ?

My pink trolley is groaning at the seams - but the sewing room is breathing easier now (hehe).


  1. So sad that I live too far away!! The blue zigzag, teal next to it and the floral with navy background in the middle are all calling my name ;) Have a fun meetup!

  2. That is a generous haul you have there. All the ladies attending will be quite lucky to swap with you. Have a great time!

  3. You always so generous, can you safe Claire's book for me. I cannot go on the swap.. Sniff

  4. Thanks ladies... I don't know if it's being generous... so much as clearing out space and feeling less guilty about my huge fabric stash LOL!

    @ Rachel, ahh no... :( I already gave the book to Tilly book I got home and saw your comment hun. There's second-hand copies selling on Amazon though


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