Monday, 28 April 2014

Threads Magazine... An App on the Android Platform (At Last!!)

Threads is Available Now for Android

Looks like Threads Magazine have finally gotten around to producing an Android platform app (available via Google Play) for digital editions of the magazine (yay - at last). This is 2 years since they launched the Threads Insider digital service.

Which means that those of us on Android smartphones/tablets have now caught up with our iPad / iPhone wielding chums ;)

If (like me) you are already a print magazine subscriber and get the hardcopy delivered to your door... then fret-ye-not, as the tablet app editions are FREE for us! Similarly if you are a paid-up Threads Insider - then just click on the app links (see this page)to get started.

Hardcopy magazine subscribers will need their customer number (on the mailing label on the outside envelope of your magazine); Threads Insider members need their registered email address.

I've yet to try it out. I only noticed the Google Play/app info. earlier today - with a little section on the top near the banner of the Threads website saying "Now on Google Play for Android Devices" in red text.

So, I need to wait until I get home tonight to have a play around with things on my phone. And, here's hoping that I can get it to work on my Amazon *
Kindle Fire HD too (*the Kindle tablet is based on an adaptation of the Android operating system). I checked the Kindle store online today & there's now sign of a Kindle version of the app - I hope that Threads Magazine remedy that soon (and that it doesn't take a further 2 years LOL?)

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  1. I love Threads! The new copy just plopped on my doormat today. I always try and resist reading the digital edition first as it's much more fun to read the printed copy.


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