Monday, 6 July 2015

Say Hello to "Leslie" Folks!

Nope! You're not seeing double folks ! I do indeed own 2 vintage 'Novum New Mark IX' sewing machines. And, you could consider them "Sisters" rather than "Twins".

My two vintage Novum New Mark IX sewing machines.
 Low-Shank model, RIGHT: High-Shank.

My fav machine (on the R) is the High-Shank model (bought back in August 2010 for under £26.01 inc. delivery). On the L is my newer purchase the Low-Shank version. I think that I call her "*Leslie" - I bought her in April 2013 (for £57 inc. postage).

Leslie's Hook timing is out - so she won't stitch, but her light, motor etc. all work just fine.

So, I've printed off a tonne of stuff from the Web and I'm having a bash at fixing her.

Wish me luck!

*Leslie = L for Low, and S for Shank!


  1. I'd love to gave a go at fixing an old machine.

    1. I've done it a couple of times now - I love geeky stuff and figuring out how things work (fun!).

  2. Hi there Leslie. Congrats Claire!

  3. Such solid looking machines, but I bet they are a weight to lift on and off the table. Can you tell me more about the Pin Catchers you have on both machines?

    1. The 'Pincatcher' is a stick-on self adhesive magnetic strip... as you pull out your pins as you sew you can quickly drop them on it and they won't roll off or get lost :-)

  4. Congrats....I am glad I'm not the only one who names the machines. Nice to have a back up!


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