Tuesday, 31 October 2017

PRIMA Magazine - October 2017, Wrap Front Dresses

There's until the end of tonight only (yes I'm posting this up super late - sorry I've had computer errors of late) to order the October 2017 PRIMA Magazine pattern by phone. For more info. please see Prima's own webpage here.

For October 2017, Prima Magazine are offering patterns for wrap-front dresses  with  either  above  elbow-length  or  long  sleeves  (with elasticated  wrists). Dress  features  a  flared  skirt  in  3  lengths. As usual the Women's patterns come in Sizes 10 - 20 (UK).

See my old post here on tips for ordering their patterns: PRIMA Magazine: How to Order Their Sewing Patterns.

For my some of my thoughts on PRIMA Magazine's sewing patterns - and how I'd personally like to see them change to make things better and easier for sewing-fans - please see this link here Claire's Tuppence Worth... .


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