Saturday, 25 June 2011


Well my bags are packed, I've 4 pieces of fabric ready to swap. Me 'n' my trusty funky-floral-trolley are off to Brighton

Here's a pic of one of the pieces of fabric I shall be waving goodbye to today:
Fabric and Funky Trolley

You can see my trolley in the pic to - bright isn't it (haha).

There is x1 woven (a cotton sateen camo-style print), and x3 light-weight printed knits. I am sure they will all be finding lovely new homes!

And, these are photos of the Me-Made item I shall be sporting today. It's a full-gathered skirt I made last summer (pre-blog) based on Gertie's tutorial. I made it from some cotton-blend blue and white striped seersucker fabric I bought in Walthamstow for £1 a metre!

01 Full-gathered skirt 02 Full-gathered skirt - Hem and lining

03 Full-gathered skirt - Lapped zip and buttoned waistband 04 Full-gathered skirt - in-seam pockets

Wish us lovely weather for today please :)


  1. oh wow! have fun!! Can't wait to hear all the stories of how it went!!

  2. Oh, have fun! The skirt looks super-cute, too! :)


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