Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Off to the Seaside!

Guess where I'm going to this Saturday?...

Brighton Sea Front
"Oh, I do like to be beside the Seaside, beside the Sea!"

The Royal Pavilion

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Yup, having sadly missed out on the Goldhawk Road Fandango because of a nasty cold I am hopping onto the train to (hopefully) sunny Brighton for SoZo's Me-Made-June 2011's Brighton Meetup.

I've found a handy free PDF street map of the city centre from the official website (Download the PDF Brighton City Centre Walking Map) so I won't get lost in The Lanes. So, me 'n' my funky floral shopping trolley are ready to swap a tonne of fabric and patterns with other sewists :)

And, I might even pick up some of this stuff whilst I'm there ;)

Brighton Rock (Image Source:


  1. Oh, have fun! Wish I wasn't on the wrong side of the ocean to join you...

  2. Yay!! I will also make me way to Brighton this coming Saturday so look forward to meeting you :)

  3. ooohhhh! I so wish I was going!! Have a super fabulous time!

  4. Tanit-Isis & Debi - you will be there with us by the seaside in sewing-spirit ladies :)

    Suzy - see you there, with bells on! (P.S. I wanted to ask you where you got your cardboard pattern-cutting board from, so now I can ask you in person!)


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