Friday, 23 March 2012

A Jacket for Spring: Minoru by Sewaholic Patterns, and Adding Pockets


Well April looms large on the horizon - which means only 2 more weeks until our Walthamstow Swap 'n' Meet up!

Pattern: 1103 - Minoru Jacket (Image Source: Sewaholic Patterns)

I'm hoping to find some great fabric to make my Minrou Jacket by Sewaholic Patterns - I want something medium-thick(ish) in a cotton or blend. Kinda casual fabric in a beige or khaki type colour. Here's hoping that I find it :)

I've already bookmarked all of Tasia's great series of sewalong posts she ran for the jacket - so I'll be able to tackle this soon. Which is a good thing too, as all I have jacket-wise for work is either too thin and light weight, with ¾-length sleeves and only really suitable for Summer; or it's a long woolly coat and winter-weight - so too warm for the nicer weather. Either I freeze or I am to warm. Ergo I need a spring jacket!

But, I definitely need my Minoru to have pockets! There's been some great posts for this already:
Side-seam pockets (via BurdaStyle)
Patch-pockets with FREE template (from Karen at DidYouMakeThat):
And, this article by Threads Magazine: How to Attach Patch Pockets Without Topstitching (using your machine, not by hand!)

I want nice big pockets for shoving my hands inside it's a toss up between patch-pockets or the ones from Sophia Sews, where she's added-in a new vertical seam between the bottom of the waist and the hemline - and into that inserted in-seam pockets. Hmmmm... maybe I'll do both! Side-seam pockets lined with something flannely / fleecy-stuff to keep my hands warm + patch pockets on-top to dump all my bits 'n' bobs in :D (yay! )

Vintage Sewing Notion - 'Magic Stitcher'
Image Source: eBay #280845028553, from this seller

In the meantime, I've become obsessed with Pinning pictures of tailor tacking gadets (aka speedy / quick / auto stitchers - or even called sewing awls) onto one of my Pinterest boards (so, so addictive LOL!)


  1. Oh, fun! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it. :)

  2. Can't have too many pockets.

    I'm looking forward to the meet up!


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