Friday, 6 April 2012

Can You Tell What It Is Yet?...

 DISCLAIMER: Rolf Harris did not, I repeat did NOT help me
to make my mystery item (see 2nd photo below).
Image Source:  Daily Mail Newspaper

I'm currently getting myself ready 'n' organised for the fab get-together in Walthamstow tomorrow (ooohhh.... I so CANNOT wait, s'gonna be loads of fun!).

In the meantime I wanted to share with you sneaky-peek at what I made for myself (from scratch I might add *polishes her imaginary halo*) last weekend! I am very proud of my efforts as I worked it all out on my little own-some, without having viewed, touched, or seen first hand any retail/commercially available versions of this *item* and it looks pretty darn good to me too (trust me... I've got a pretty big toothy grin on my face right now hehehe).

Hmmmm... *can you tell what it is yet?
And, if you can guess what it is... then maybe, just maybe if the sewing gods bless you, and you guess it's purpose correctly then I might possibly be inclined share a FREE set of instructions, plans and a tutorial with you sometime during the next week as an Easter-time treat from moi. And, as treats go the results of your DIY efforts should last you a sewing-lifetime, are sans Chocolat, are calorie-free, and do not involve harming any bunnies or tiny yellow chicks :)

*This was Rolf's catch-phrase

P.S. There's a clue in the LABELS at the bottom of this post ;)


  1. It's a pressing ham holder! I want one, too. And yes, DIY option would be great.

  2. ok. Been on the phone w/ one of my children. It's for a tailor's ham, but on Easter weekend could you use it for your Sunday ham?????

  3. Is it a shaped sleeve board to make ironing your pointy bits (on your clothes of course!) easier??!!

  4. Yes, it is a large ham holder.

  5. Oooo ham holder, yay, yes please for directions! I used to have a brochure from years ago with DIY directions for all types of wooden and sewn from fabric pressing tools but i haven't seen it recently. It had no ham holder in it though. Would love a tutorial!


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