Monday, 31 December 2012

Last Bit of Sewing-Related Shopping for 2012...

... these last few bits I picked up today in town on the last day of 2012 (haha can't keep a girl from shopping when she needs to :)!!)...

Shopping 02

For holding water - bottles/soap dish (from 'Superdrug')... so I can save time running to the sick when I need to erase the wipe-off marker, iron-on edge tape (v. light weight) for staying curves, some general purpose scissors, some anti-moth lavender sachets to protect the fabric stash (all from 'John Lewis'), and a pretty coaster with a Liberty-print on it (from you guessed it Liberty) :)
Shopping 01

An A3 cutting mat (420 x 297 mm = 16.5 x 11.7 inches) only £3.45 - bargain! A Lino cutter printing kit set + pieces of lino (to try more at home following my visit to Crafty Pint in November where I got to try out fabric printing in one of the short workshops). Plus, a set of brushes... which I shall use not for painting - but to apply liquid fabric stabiliser to seam allowances on knit fabrics (to see if that helps me sew them a bit better !!).

Ohhh... and do please keep your eye-out for a special post from me on New Year's Day... as my little blog turns 2 year old, so I shall again be celebrating the anniversary with a GIVEAWAY. The giveaway details to follow... and it will be open to both UK and overseas entries :)


  1. I'm massively jealous of the mat - where on earth did you get it?

    And happy new year!

  2. Hi Rachel - Happy New Year to you too :)!

    @Melody Hi, I picked up the A3 cutting mat at the CASS ART shop in their Berwick Street branch in Soho. This is their website: - I can't see that they sell online, so if you live in London you could pick one up in person, otherwise check out Amazon or eBay for bargains maybe ?

  3. That is an uber bargain on the mat! Happy New Year, sweetie!

  4. Happy new year Claire, looks like you're equipping yourself well for some great 2013 makes....


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