Tuesday, 1 January 2013

My Second Blog-i-versary, and a GIVEAWAY!!!

The Giveaway is now closed - please see the results here :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY! 2012 went by in a flash, and here I am about to embark on my 3rd year of blogging :)

As per my first anniversary post last year, I'd like to celebrate the passing of the old year, and the coming of the new one by giving back to the sewing community and by holding what shall now be my ANNUAL GIVEAWAY (yay!)

  And here's the list of goodies in my special sewing-bundle of fun :)

  1. A brand new copy of Burda Style Magazine.
     The January 2013 issue (natch ;) !).
  2. A handy-dandy little Measuring Gauge - 14 different measurements from 1/8" up to 2" 
I have a few of these things scattered strategically around my sewing room!)
  3. A pair of lovely sharp Thread Snips - just perfect to keep right next to your sewing machine.
  4. A useful Magnet - to help you quickly grab any spilled pins in a hurry - without pricking your fingers.
  5. A cute elasticated Wrist Pincushion - have your pins (and needles too) with you wherever you may
  6. And, finally what I consider "le pièce de résistance" a Tailor's Pressing Ham -
     approximately 24cm long x 14cm wide x 12.7cm tall (9
½ x 5½ x 5 inches).

     BTW - The last 2 items are hand-made by yours truly! (Tutorial posts to follow imminently.)

And... just 'cos it's to celebrate the 2nd year of my blog... I'm giving away 2-SETS of everything. So, yup - there will be 2x lucky giveway bundles up for grabs :)

Giveaway montage photo
Yup - you're not seeing "double" LOL! I'm giving away 2-sets of 1 of everything you see above :)
P.S. Sorry for the late at night time post... I have just finished stuffing and stitching together the pressing hams so I could take their photo for the pic above (hehe!).

  Here's how to enter the GIVEAWAY... 
  1. You must be a follower of my blog please.
   (Please see 'Google Friend Connect' or 'Bloglovin' in the side bar on the right of this page).

  2. Please leave a comment in this post below.

  3. Please, please ensure that I am able to contact you if you're a lucky winner! Make sure
     that your comment is associated to your blog/profile
. If you want to leave an email address in
     your comments feel free to do so - but to reduce
the chances of you receiving tonnes of spam to your inbox, please
    post it in the style: name[at]domain[dot]com

  4. [OPTIONAL] Oh, and do please share you're favourite sewing-moment of 2012, I'd love
     to know what special creation, fabric or new skill brightened up your year! Perhaps you're
     looking forward to sewing something special in 2013 - come on spill the beans!

Good luck! And may 2013 bring you much health and happiness!


  1. It has been a pleasure reading your blog posts during 2012. I also follow on Pinterest, so I get to see all your interesting sewing pins. I'm a follower and would like to enter your wonderful contest. fayedoll(at)cox(dot)com

  2. Your blog is one of my favorites. I also love you on Pinterest- so much good information. Please enter me in your contest and congratulations on 2 years!

  3. WOw, what lovely prizes! I've been wanting a tailor's ham ever since I figured out what they are! :P Happy New Year!

  4. Wow what a generous giveaway! I follow you via RSS feed, I hope that counts ;)

    My favourite sewing moment of 2012 was meeting 6 other bloggers from my city: it was so much fun and it really inspired me and I cannot wait to hang out with them all again later this month! :)

  5. Wow what a great giveaway!

    My favourite sewing moment of 2012 is when on 1-1-2012 I decided that I was going to sew my first ever garment.
    I grabbed a pattern, a pair of scissors and a second-hand (thrifted) sheet and just did it.
    I made the most terrible pair of trousers, but I'm glad I did it - and I still where them as pyjama/lounge wear :)

    I haven't sewn a great deal in 2012, but I'm looking forward to more garment and crafty sewing for myself and others in 2013.

    My email address is asimplefibrelife[at]gmail[dot]com

    Happy New Year and Happy Blogiversary!

  6. Awesome bundle! My fav sewing moment of 2012 was finishing my Vogue 1247 top made of a slippery rayon and realising that ALL the seams matched... And how beautiful it also looked from inside with those french seams....

    Happy bloggiversary!


  7. What a lovely giveaway... And two sets!... Happy blogiversary!! My biggest achievement in 2012 is actually taking the conscious decision to set aside more time for sewing... This has helped a lot with my productivity... I follow on bloglovin and my address is srh078(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk

  8. What great selection of useful items I've been wanting to make a tailors ham for ages. Favourite sewing moment this year is meeting up with wonderful fellow sewing bloggers at Birmingham (including yourself). I have a couple of giveaways too if you want to check my site 'Mellie's Workroom'. Happy Blogging Anniversary.

  9. Happy New Year! Excellent giveaway :) So far my new year has not actually consisted of any sewing and 2012 was a tad lazy for it I think, but I did make some awesome Christmas stockings in the last minute :) This year will be a creative one, as soon as I can actually get myself to start working on projects... Fingers crossed!

  10. Happy New Year! and happy blogiversary! what a generous giveaway (I'd love one of your handcrafted tailors hams, so fingers crossed!!). I follow via google connect, and I think you have my email address already! Favourite momement of 2012 - the meet-ups (Brighton and Bath) - hope to get a chance to meet up again this year :)

  11. Happy blogaversary!!

    I'm a follower (via Blogger) of yours - love reading about your creations. :-)

    One of my favourite sewing moments of 2012 was making self-covered buttons for the first time. So satisfying! (Must do that again sometime....)

  12. Happy new year. I love your blog and your give away is to die for. It's like Christmas all over again.
    I tackled the man's dress shirt in 2012. I made a few messes before getting it just right. In 2012 I made my husband 3 dress shirts and 2 Hawaiian shirts. He's a happy camper and I couldn't be more proud of my accomplishments. Not sure what I'll tackle this year.
    buttonhole at charter dot net

  13. happy blogiversary! i follow you via blogger. i'd love a tailor's ham - never got around to making my own!

    my favourite 2012 moment (aside from the V&A meetup!) was making my Anise jacket - I never thought i could do it and i'm so proud of how it turned out!

  14. Oh how lovely and generous! Happy New Year to you too Claire.
    Now, my qualifications:
    -I've been following in google reader you since the Birmingham meet up.
    -Leaving this comment as we speak!
    -I've added a blog email address to my home page so you now have two addresses for me.
    -And my fave moment was meeting up with so many lovely sewers and discovering the Brum rag market!!

  15. Congratulations and thank you for a fabulous giveaway!
    I'm a happy follower!

  16. Congratulations on your anniversary! Don't enter me as I'm already a lucky recipient of one of your very fine hams and have most of the lovely notions you're giving away!

  17. Happy Blog-i-versary! What a lovely way to mark it. I follow your blog in Google Reader.

    My favourite sewing moment of the year was the meetup at the V&A ballgowns exhibition. I got to meet lots of lovely peeps (you included), but the highlight has to be the collective silence as the chattering group turned the corner and saw the beautiful dresses!

    Helen (josieandmay[at]gmail[dot]com)

  18. Hi Claire,
    Congratulations on your blogiversary and Happy new year.
    I would love to be entered for your giveaway, I have never sewn from a burda magazine before, I would love to have a copy.
    Looking forward to reading of your sewing adventures this year.

  19. Wow, what a great giveaway Claire and congrats on your two years. I'd love to enter please.
    My favourite sewing moment of 2012 was Dolly Clackett naming a dress in my honour! x

  20. What an amazing giveaway! Two years is a great landmark. I was already following you in my reader and I love your pinterest tips (you may have noticed I repin them!). Now I added my name to Friend connect. My favorite sewing moment was my trip to the US where I could see all those amazing fabric shops (and incredible discounts) and my couture Vogue dress.

  21. Hi Claire! I'm just stopping by to say Congratulations! on 2 years of a lovely blog! :)
    (No need to enter me in the give-away)
    Happy New Year!

  22. What a great give away! I'd love to win.

  23. Congrats! Please count me in - I am especially in need of a tailor's ham!! I'm looking forward to making another Minoru this year - I've already started, and so far so good!

  24. Following as Helen Dickinson on GFC!

    What a great achievement for yourself and I would love to win as my sister has just started sewing and would love these goodies! Shes making my son a patchwork blanket!

    Popping over from:

  25. What a great giveaway - I follow you on my blogroll, hope that counts too.
    My favourite moment of 2012 was successfully making a lined wool coat!

  26. My favorite sewing moment of 2012 was when I finished a dress and told my husband, "I really CAN sew!" He looked at me like I was crazy. I've only been sewing for 31 years, but my sister said some pretty rotten things about home sewing, implying that mine wasn't good and I let it get to me. I think I finally let it go in that moment.

  27. Happy New Year and Happy Blogiversary! :)
    My favorite moment might have been when I finished my mom's birthday dress. It was my first big project of unselfish sewing, and I loved that she loved it!

  28. What great prizes! Happy New Year to you!
    My fave 2012 moment was sewing up a pair of jeans :)

  29. Congratulations on 2 years! What an awesome giveaway.
    Sewing moment for 2012- discovering sewing blogs inspired me to do some handmade Chrissy gifts.

  30. happy anniversary. my sewing highlight was the exhibition we put on at the end of C&G creative embroidery years 1-3.

  31. Happy Blogiversary! I love your blog. I am still learning about fitting for my figure. 2012 was the year I started sewing wearing me-made-clothes. I am still on single figures but loving it. 2013 will be making more time to sew.
    fingers crossed

  32. I follow you on bloglovin. My favourite sewing moment was having a top I made mistaken for something from Ted Baker. My email is Mirce75 at googlemail dot com.

  33. Count me in! I need quite a few of the things you're offering. Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. What a fantastic giveaway - very generous!

    hmmm... my favorite sewing moment of 2012 would have to be the first time I was able to sit down and create something in my newly decorated sewing room. Everything just came together so well, i had truly created a space to be creative in.

    2013 is going to be a buys year but I am looking forward to lots of sewing adventures to help me relax :D

    I am already a follower via wordpress reader and I am just setting up a blog lovin' account aswel especially for sewing blogs I like, you are certainly on that list

    Happy second anniversary
    Hannah of Made with Hugs and Kisses xXx

  35. What an amazing giveaway from an amazing blog!

    My personal sewing moment of 2012 was the day when I looked at my sewing and just thought "you know what, you ARE good at sewing" after being told I wasn't any good at it for the last six years... it was a good moment for me!

  36. Happy blogiversary! I already follow your blog (and love it!) definitely count me in for this great giveaway! My email is:

  37. Hi, I'm following your blog on GFC. My favourite thing i made in 2012 was an advent calendar with pockets, each one decorated with an applique design, made for my friend who lives in Peru.

  38. I sewed my first top this year!

  39. Congrats for making it through another year. My proudest moment in sewing this year was learning how to put in a hand-lapped zipper. Please count me in for your lovely giveaway and looking forward to the blogging year ahead.


  40. Wow, what an amazing giveaway! Thread snips and a ham are both on my short list of sewing notions to acquire next. I just discovered your blog (fun!) and follow on bloglovin'.


    kaylenejoy [at] gmail [dot] com

  41. I wasn't going to enter but my thread snips are hiding from me! Fave 2012 moment? Finding my first vintage sewing machine. I've been following via google reader. Happy Blogiversary.!

  42. What a great giveaway! Not too sure I've got a special moment in 2012, rather a year to put behind you and start again! However 2013 has started with a great highlight - the gift of some sewing classes (thank you, thank you, thank you...) and am trying to master making a jacket - may even get back to posting a blog of my own soon! would love to win the tailor's ham...thanks for the lovely opportunity x