Wednesday, 25 February 2015

What's Your Weirdest Non-Sewing, Sewing Gadget?

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Tell me... are you guys like me? Are you always happy to see and learn about nifty new-to-you sewing notions? I know that I am! I particularly love my vintage Vanguard buttonholer attachment - it made gorgeous buttonholes on my Grainline Alder Shirtdress last year.

I've even been known to make a few things myself (e.g my pressing hams and holders here and here, pattern-weights) or come up with different uses for everyday objects (like my laptop-stand to overlocker tilt-table)!
But, how do you feel about using the weird 'n' wonderful to aid your sewing?
On the list of "weird things I've bought for sewing" an Inclinometer must be right up there!

I saw this bit of builder's equipment used in my current issue of Threads Magazine. (No. 178 - May 2015). The gadget is on Page 44 as part of the 'Prepare Patterns for Fit' article. The article describes it as an 'Angle Locator', and it shows you how to use one to measure an individual's actual shoulder slope. You can then transfer those angles onto your bodice pattern to exactly match your own body.

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It seems there are quite a number of free mobile phone apps that should also perform the same level-gauge/angle finding duties. I'm not quite sure how accurate those would be so I shall be sure to do a comparison and to share my findings with you guys when my new toy arrives :-)!

For £3.73 on Amazon (I have their Prime service so delivery is free - yay!) it seemed an inexpensive purchase and I'm intrigued to see if it will help resolve a slight sloping-shoulder fitting issue that I believe that might have :-)

So, come on let's share! What's the weirdest non-sewing, sewing gadget that you own or have ever used?


  1. I'm intrigued! You'll have to report back. I have shoulder fitting issues and I've always suspected issues with that angle.

  2. I have bolt cutters, tin snips, a spirt level and a hammer in my sewing tool box. Also a set of callipers. I make corsets though so need all the tools for cutting through the steel boning.


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