Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Sometimes UFOs "Can" Be Good

So, earlier today I was hunting around in my sewing room for the rub-off pattern that I'd made back in January 2013 from a much loved ready-to-wear top. 

My plan was to make a quick new version - as the top is a nice casual boxy fit, with cut-on sleeves, and it's a very easy fast project to sew up.

LEFT: First top made from the pattern
RIGHT: Second top, made today from UFO project.
The first rendition of this pattern was the grey crepe floral number you can see on the left above. (The black top on the right of the photo is mid-project, just awaiting addition of the cuffs to the ends of the sleeves.)

So, I found the paper pattern pretty much straight away (which was great) - but even "better", I found in the same bag a set of black fabric pieces already cut out ready to sew-up (YES!!!).

Clearly, past Claire had decided that the pattern was good enough to warrant another go. But, for whatever reason I didn't progress further with No. 2 top and it turned into a *UFO. I even found that I had already fused stay-tape to the necklines, and also to the shoulders on the back bodice - yet another great time saver for me LOL!

I had planned to make my second top from some fresh fabric - but finding this forgotten UFO from 2 years ago in my stash saved me a lot of time on cutting out etc..

I started stitching the top at around 4.30pm today, and aside from 2 hours to cook dinner and watch some telly it only took me 3 hours at a calm and leisurely pace to complete it!

The finished top - earlier this evening.
Please forgive the mirror - it's badly in need of some Windolene LOL!
So, that is my short 'n' sweet tale of how sometimes UFOs can be good :-)

Please forgive the poor photo quality folks - I was using my phone for speed ;-)!

*UFO = Un-finished object.

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  1. This looks like a quickie. I so need more basics in my wardrobe, I have mostly prints that don't always go together :)
    One of my (7!) UFOs is a cut out Alder that's waiting to be sewn since September. Not that spring's almost here I need to get back to it. I hope I interfaced the collar and button bands!


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