Sunday, 15 December 2013

The Great British Sewing Bee - Christmas Special 2013

Image Source: Love Productions

I've just spent a lovely and very enjoyable hour watching the 2013 The Great British Sewing Bee - Christmas Special and if you missed this programme perhaps you can catch the repeat on BBC 2 at 7pm on Tuesday 17th December 2013 (except for Scotland and Wales). Otherwise I'm sure some enterprising soul will upload it onto YouTube soon.

To quote the production company's website:
"The Great British Sewing Bee returns for a Christmas special. Judges, Savile Row's Patrick Grant and sewing teacher, May Martin are re-united with this year's semi-finalists: Stuart, Sandra, Lauren and 82-year old winner Ann.  Taking inspiration from traditional sewing bees of the past, they pool their experience and talents to make everything from Christmas table linen to presents to tree decorations.
Ann makes a beautiful teddy bear, Stuart fashions a tweed satchel, Sandra creates a gardening belt and Lauren crafts a fabric doll's house."
Image Source: BBC website
The Thrifty Stitcher blog has a great post with useful links and supplies relating to the Christmas special.

So, here's my letter to Father Christmas for this year... 

Dear Father Christmas, 

Please, please, please can we have more lovely
sewing programmes on the telly for next year
and many years to come.

Many thanks Clairex


  1. I enjoyed it too and I'd second your wish :)

  2. I saw it as well! And can't wait for the new series to start next year - hopefully soon!


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