Thursday, 26 January 2012

And It's A Good Thing Too!

My Novum & I Are Back on Speaking Terms... and it's a good thing too! I was browsing on eBay (as you do ;) ) and I spotted the *exact same model as my lovelie. However, this particular one for sale has no base, case, or instruction booklet. But it's a (gulp!) £149.99 + £10.99 postage.

Blimey! That's £161 (approx. $253 USD).

Now, I do love my machine, but I paid only £26.01 ($40.80) for her - and that's including the shipping costs I paid separately for the courier to get her from the North of England down to me in London. So, mine cost 83.8% less, or you could say they're selling theirs at a little more than 6 times the price I paid!

Wow, that just makes me love and treasure her that bit more :)

*If you're feeling very curious it's item #290659059978 here from the eBay Shop SewingForEveryone


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