Friday, 13 January 2012

Ooo Dear, Rather Than Ooo Rah!

Poor broken sewing machine + Hubby's unfinished wallet :(

Seems not to be my lucky day, I'm pooped and going to bed in a bit :(!

I've been working the evenings this week making Hubby the much-promised new wallet he wanted (his is literally falling apart and ripped to shreds poor luv!). I'm making him Debbie's fab Ooo Rah Wallet Pattern, available on Etsy :)

But, tonight the sewing gods are against me methinks!

1.) I spent ages re-sizing the pattern Wednesday and Thursday night  (Hubby wants a smaller size). But, I still managed to a) cut 1 too many card-slot pieces than I needed & I hate wastage LOL!, and I got some alignments wrong poo!

2.) I picked the wrong fabric for the lining/ inner pieces. It's a v. tightly woven black fabric. And, frankly after trying 5+ different needle sizes (mixture of for 'Wovens' and 'Universal' needles) I realised the error of my ways, but it was too late to change my mind.

3.) Got sticky sellotape all over the clear vinyl (I thought I was being smart using it to hold things in place... it'll tear of easily, or so I thought) - and it took forever too get it off. I spent a good 30mins cleaning it and picking out minuscule bits of tape from underneath each stitch... NOT a happy bunny!

4.)  Nearly melted the vinyl! I washed the I.D. panel after using 'Sticky Stuff Remove' to get off the sellotape residue, and though I'd layer it between paper and iron it dry. Mistake! The vinyl went all soft and nearly shrank... luckily I rescued it (phew!). I was not going to recut and fiddly around with that piece again, no siree!).

5.) I got 3/8" and 1/8" mixed up (I misread my metal Measuring Guide haha!). So, I stitched the fabric tabs on the ends of the zipper at the wrong distance... but if you don't tell Hubby then I won't ;)!

6.) I sewed the zip to the fabric the wrong way up. I managed to get the interfaced side of piece 2. on the outside by mistake - had to rip it out and start again... unpicking small black stitches from black fabric at night is not my idea of fun. And, the bobbin ran out of thread just as I restitched that piece back in.

7.) I went to use my bobbin winder gadget - and the batteries ran out half way through filling it up. On Wednesday, I went to use it with the power lead - I had to use a US-UK adaptor, but I didn't read the US plug which showed an input voltage of 110V (UK is 220-240V) so I burnt it out - poo! Ordered a new one from eBay, right voltage + UK pins on the plug this time (I hope it works!). 

8.) For some strange reason, today Blogger has "lost" the little reply-buttons I'd sent ages figuring out how to do the html-code for into my blog-template. Plus, the new code I added a few days ago has disappeared too (which added numbers against each comment in a little blue box).

And, to cap it all my lovely Novum is broken... wah!! The bobbin thread keeps winding around the insides of my sewing machine and stopping the machine from moving the needle up/down! I keep untangling it but it keeps doing it (it'd only done it tonight - must be the date??). I took out a part that hold the bobbin case (can't find my manual either tonight - so can't remember the name of it) to get to the tangled thread. Got the thread out, put the part back in - but I must've done it wrong, cause the needle will now move down and then stops in it tracks.

So, I'm fed up *sighs* and hope that I have better luck tomorrow!


  1. So sorry about your day. Hope tomorrow will be better for you. I do hope you have a back up machine!

  2. Oh, no!!!! What a pain in e butt! I hope everything straightens out soon. :(

  3. I am reading. This post late so I hope everything is better now! The wallet looks cool


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