Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Random Happy Things!


Seems the postie everywhere is delivering happy little bundles of sewing joy! And, lucky me I'm included :)

Pleasant postal packages...
My own copy of Tasia's Renfrew Knit Top Pattern arrived today - I'm on her mailing list, so I took full advantage of her free shipping option for pre-ordered (hehe). The free shipping deal has ended now, but the tops are now in stock at her pattern store.

I also ordered some needles from here (which arrived last week): – Ballpoint needles as I realised all I had were Universal ones at home LOL :)! I wanna be prepared – already have a lovely range of washed and ready knits just crying out to be made into Tee’s plain black, white, dusky pink, dusty blue, and a navy/white stripe.

Another postal delivery today was this cute set of cookie/biscuit cutters... in wait for it.... sewing shapes! Yes, I can now EAT sewing too ;) There's a sewing machine (looks kinda of like a vintage singer in shape), a thimble, a thread spool, and some scissors - too cute to resist I had to buy them.

I'm over, the overlocker blues...

And, in other news I FINALLY managed to sort out my overlocker. If you recall I went on a beginner's class in August '11 with the delightful Karen of DidYouMakeThat?. We had a fab time learning on our own machines that we'd dragged along with us - but my Delta Overlocker refused to co-operate. At the time the differential feed adjustment knob refused to budge. Well now it's working and all is right once again. Some sewing machine oil, a little patience and a strong grip on the pliers can work wonders dontchaknow ;)

I threaded-up my overlocker this morning before work, and tested her out this evening

I plan to overlock the insides of my Scout Woven Tee (a downloadable pattern I bought from the So, I've run a few test swatches on the scraps leftover from cutting the fabric for my top. I used different coloured thread - to match the dials on my machine, and make my life as a v .v. v beginner at overlocking easier. The coloured thread meant I could see exactly which thread tensions to adjust! So, I've labelled my swatches to keep for reference - so I don't forget LOL.

My successful test  swatches, carefully labelled for filing and future reference!

Now, I'm off to fill up some bobbins with dark navy thread (to match my top) and spend another 15mins re-threading the overlocker ready to sew... wish me luck!


  1. Love your cookie cutter! I got my overlocker last year! The first few times were challenging but a year on it's much better. Love it dearly. I am still to try more advanced techniques.

  2. Glad you finally got the overlocker working! Although pliers sound a bit scary.

  3. I like you labelled swatches, it's a great idea for keeping track! I'm also avidly waiting for my Renfrew pattern to arrive and play with it

  4. This comment is from VickikateMakes

    I don't know if it's blogger, or if it's me but I can't post comments on your blog! It cycles through and I get a glimpse of the verification whatsit and then it disappears! Sooo frustrating!

    Anyway, I just wanted to say I'm so glad that your pattern arrived safe and sound with you and that you've persevered with the overlocker! Mine still scares me a bit... Thanks for the help and references on the adjustments too - it's very much appreciated! Also, your sewing room is looking AMAZING and I'm a little bit (OK, quite a lot!) jealous! Can't wait for you to share more...

    1. Hi Vicki!

      Thanks for emailing me your comment hun.

      Weird re: the commenting problem, I'm no techie, but which browser are you using (so I know in case anyone else says they get the same problem).

      Oh, and thanks re: nice things said about my sewing room - still got a few things to do to it (noticeboard for wall, hooks on walls etc.) But it' 95% there :)


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