Saturday, 5 January 2013

Now I'm Tilting in Green!

BRADA Laptop Stand - Cut down to size for a DIY Tilt Table
The cut-down stand (now 30cm/12" wide) is shown on top of a normal sized one
You might remember this post? I was trying out my black plastic laptop stand with my Overlocker (Serger). Well on Thursday I blackmailed persuaded my darling Hubby to take me to the bastion that is Swedish flat-pack heaven, and I picked up a fresh one in green (to match my sewing room décor - natch ;) !) 

Overlocker Tilt Table from Laptop Stand

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We then used a spot of masking tape, a pencil, a ruler, a hacksaw and a file + smash-bang-wallop I have a new DIY-homemade-stylee tilt table :D!!

It's now 30cm wide (12 inches) and it's a tad wider than my machine (Brother 1034D) - so it doesn't take up too much width on the sewing table.

For £3.50 (or $3.99 on the IKEA US site), I'd say that was money well spent :).

NB: My Overlocker is pretty lightweight compared to my poor broken Novum (which weighs 19.8kgs / 43.7lbs). So, I don't think that this DIY solution would work for heavier sewing machines.

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  1. I need a ergonomic solution to cutting fabric, I have quite a large area on my workbench but after spending ages leaning over and smoothing and pinning and checking and cutting my back really aches! I don't really have back problems apart from that and its better cutting it on the workbench than the floor but I do hate it so!

  2. Louise - how high is your workbench please? According to this book the height for a cutting table should be 6" below your elbow-level to avoid back strain. See also this PDF from for some interesting sewing-ergonomic tips, and this thread on is good reading too :)


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