Friday, 22 February 2013

BurdaStyle - Special, Plus Magazine Spring/Summer 2013

REVIEW: BurdaStyle - Special, Plus Magazine Spring/Summer 2013
Aside from spotting people I know in print, I also picked up the latest issue of the Plus magazine last week too.

01 - BurdaStyle - PLUS Magazine Spring-Summer 2013

And, what a pleasant surprise it was! Very often comments about Burda's  offering of plus-size patterns in their normal monthly magazine tend to leave people a little cold, and mutterings of shapeless sacks abound. (Their normal magazine shows only a handful of plus sized patterns amoungst the regular sized and kids items.) 

02 - BurdaStyle - PLUS Magazine Spring-Summer 2013 03 - BurdaStyle - PLUS Magazine Spring-Summer 2013

But, as I flicked the pages of my purchase (a biannual publication) I found quite a few things drawing my attention, things I could see myself making.

04 - BurdaStyle - PLUS Magazine Spring-Summer 2013  05 - BurdaStyle - PLUS Magazine Spring-Summer 2013

Shirt Dress 421
This is a figure-skimming number with princess-seam shaping on the bodice front and back - with a pencil style skirt.

06 - BurdaStyle - PLUS Magazine Spring-Summer 2013

Blouson Jacket 435
BurdaStyle call this a College Jacket, but to me this is totally reminiscent of a Bomber Jacket I had as a teenager - a total throw-back to Ace McShane in old Doctor Who episodes LOL! This would be pretty good looking with some skinny jeans and heels (or Baseball Boots!).

07 - BurdaStyle - PLUS Magazine Spring-Summer 2013

Jacket 405
Look at the great style lines on this jacket. Burda's is made from Silk
- but how great would this look colour blocked - or even a Leather/Ponte Knit combo huh?

08 - BurdaStyle - PLUS Magazine Spring-Summer 2013

Drape Front Dress 405
Again Burda call this a Corsage Dress - but it's more like a softer ruffle / waterfall to my way of thinking. If you didn't like the asymmetric details it could be altered into a pretty good strapless fitted dress methinks - and at least being Plus-Sized drafted already there'd hopefully be less fitting issues than trying to grade-up from  the standard size-ranges.

09 - BurdaStyle - PLUS Magazine Spring-Summer 2013

Drape Skirt 416 A
Then there was this pencil skirt with side-gathers that looked very familiar - and if you ask me aside from the higher waist... it's a pretty close style-match for the Starburst Skirt Pattern #113C from the 05/2012 issue of BurdaStyle Magazine - perhaps this was a popular style for Burda and they decided to try and duplicate it's success in a larger size range?

10 - BurdaStyle - PLUS Magazine Spring-Summer 2013

Sleeveless Jacket / Waistcoat 413 verses Jacket 414
I'm a sucker for admiring that slightly louche music festival style. It's not a style I wear - but I sometimes like an item or too I spot in a fashion magazine. I've always kind of liked those worn-in cotton military/safari style khaki coloured jackets (example) so comfy looking to through on for Spring/Summer. 

11 - BurdaStyle - PLUS Magazine Spring-Summer 2013
Then, I saw the 413 sleeveless jacket pattern, and I liked the covered zip feature (though I'd personally prefer buttons with a covered a concealed button placket), I and I like the collarless finish.. BUT I'd want it to have sleeves (and I didn't fancy drafting any haha!). But a few pages further in I spot 414 - and it look suspiciously familiar to 413. I compared the technical line drawings - and if you ask me they're both based on the same core pattern (yay!).

So, below is my cut 'n' pasted re-hashed version of how I want my jacket to look..... now if only I could find the right fashion fabric ;)...
Long-length sleeves, collar-less neckline, concealed button placket, nice deep gusseted pockets with flap finish, and a drawstring at hem.

12 - BurdaStyle - PLUS Magazine Spring-Summer 2013


  1. I see so many patterns I'd love to make in this issue. Many more than I've seen in regular Burda issues lately. I really, really love that yellow corsage dress.

  2. I love the dress on the front cover, fabulous fabric and great shape

  3. Thanks for highlighting this magazine! I didn't even know they did a plus-size issue. Think I'll try and get my hands on one now - thank you so much!

  4. Cute finds! I love the Blouson Jacket - throwback to high school varsity jackets...

  5. Oooh, love that blue shirt dress in the first picture, you should totally make that one! xx

  6. This is awesome I didn't even know there was a Burdastyle Plus Mag! Thanks so much for this fabulous post!

  7. There are a lot of really nice things in this issue! To be honest, I often like the plus size patterns more than the normal ones, but because I don't know the last thing about pattern resizing I often find myself shouting at my Burda in frustration when they have JUST the thing I like in the wrong size ...


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