Saturday, 2 February 2013

PRIMA Pattern - March 2013, Batwing Sleeve Dress

Haha... 3-times is a charm? Even though we're in the month of February, the March 2013 PRIMA Magazine is on the shelves in the Newsagents and that issue's pattern is available to order by phone until the end of this March too :)

PRIMA Magazine - March 2013 (01)
The pattern for March is a simple pull-on dress with no fastenings has an extra-long bodice cut to drape flatteringly over the slim skirt, which is kept in place with an elasticate waistline. The batwing sleeves are bracelet length and cut in one with the bodice. (For knits / jersey fabrics.)

PRIMA Magazine - March 2013 (02)

PRIMA Magazine - March 2013 (03)

See my old post here on tips for ordering their patterns: PRIMA Magazine: How to Order Their Sewing Patterns.


  1. Claire, I was wearing this exact same design of dress yesterday, and as I changed into my PJs last night I resolved to draft a pattern like it as I wear the dress to the office ALL the time. Might just order the Prima one instead! Thanks so much for the tip! x

  2. I'm gonna order it - you can trace off of mine if you like ;)!

  3. Thanks for all the effort you've gone to in getting the ordering details for your readers Claire. I think I'll be ordering this one too.

  4. @ Nessa you're welcome, I felt that if PRIMA themselves won't show the pattern details on their magazine website - then I hope it'll help other sewers to see what's on offer for the month :) Would love to see how your dress turns out if you get the pattern !

  5. Might be too late, but do you happen to know if this pattern is online anywhere for download? I'm looking for the top bit, as I love the length of the sleeves and the slight batwing! I came here via Tilly's site!

    Is it funny that the front and back view look EXACTLY the same? Hee hee!

  6. @Veronica Darling Unfortunately, Prima Magazine patterns are only available 2-ways:
    (1) Posted in the same envelope as the magazine itself - as delivered to people's front-doors who are on subscription.
    (2) Ordered for *free just as a single-pattern alone (without the magazine) via the special telephone numbers (*free - except for the cost of the phone call & the no. differs each month with the different patterns) - but they're only available to order until the end of the month named on the front-cover of that particular magazine issue.

    They definitely do not sell their patterns; nor can they be back-ordered after the deadline-date for ordering (as set by Prima Magazine) :(

    I'd be happy to trace-off you size for you if you'd like - here's a link to their size chart: ? Drop me an email to sew[dot]incidentally[at]yahoo[dot]com with your details and I'll post a copy to you in Australia :)


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