Wednesday, 13 February 2013

"Oh, hello there! Your face is VERY familiar... have we met before?"...

CLOTH Magazine, Issue 15 - 04
...I don't usually buy CLOTH Magazine, but I was in *WHSmiths this afternoon and the current issue (no. 15) fresh onto the newstands today caught my eye.

CLOTH Magazine, Issue 15 - 01  CLOTH Magazine, Issue 15 - 03

And, when I glanced inside of the attached pamphlet I spotted 2 very familiar faces... one I have met and enjoyed the company of on several occasions (most recently at Stevie's Walthamstow meet-up).
CLOTH Magazine, Issue 15 - 06

The first face I recognised was the delightful Tilly of Tilly and the Buttons - she of the lovely Mathilde Blouse no less!

The other face, I at first glance mistook for his identical-Cousin Cathy, until I remembered that Cathy now sports a fanciful pink coiffure so I knew instead it had to be Peter of Male Pattern Boldness.

CLOTH Magazine, Issue 15 - 05

CLOTH Magazine, Issue 15 - 07

*To those unfamiliar WHSmiths (pronounced W H Smiths funnily enough, or not as the case may be LOL!) is big national chain of newsagent shops here in the UK - selling newspapers, magazines, greetings cards, books, stationery, DVDs, music etc. etc. there is a branch or two in practically every town, city and airports too. If you're lucky the larger branches will stock magazine titles such as BurdaStyle, Threads, SEW Today etc. :)

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  1. Oh wow, how cool! I was squinting down the list and can proudly say that I follow quite a few of those blogs. Nice to see By Hand London featured too!


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