Friday, 11 March 2011

Getting Labelled!

Preview Image of how my labels "should" look when they arrive!

So, I was reading about Karen's happiness-inducing skirt when I was struck by the loveliness of her custom made label.

Karen's label from her blog: Did You Make That?

Mmmmm... me likey, me likey lots! :) And, they are so not naff in the way that having your Mum sew your name-tag into your school uniform used to be ha-ha, they'll make my me-makes look extra swish I think (yes indeedy)!

So, I asked Karen where she got these lovely labels from - and she sweetly replied so say that they came from and they were only £3.99 for 72 (standard P&P is 99p) so that works out at less than 7p per label (bargain!).

But, me being me I got sidelined viewing the more expensive option, and I've forked out for the Craft & Hobby Labels (x72 labels, 12mm wide narrow woven option, 2 lines of text + logo) opps! That option works out at a fraction under 25p per label (nearly x4 times the price the more sensibly-minded Karen paid). On the up side I paid for them on PayPal and I'd sold loads of unwanted things on eBay recently so I had the cash practically going spare in my PayPal account - so I treated myself (hehe), besides x72 labels will last me years (yay!). Plus, I selected what I hope will be a lovely shade of turquoise for the lettering - and blue IS my favourite colour afterall :)

If you don't want to fork out on woven/embroidered labels there are a number of tips/tutorials & other sundry how-to's out there on t'interwebs:

Passiona Cottee's tutorial on BurdaStyle
made these lovely stamp-pad & pen labels

Custom labels for me-made items are quite popular amoungst sewists it seems:-
  1. Elizabeth of SEWN has some lovely labels to match her blog logo :)
  2. Kristy from lower your presser foot made her own using ribbon & t-shirt transfer paper, as did Nikkishell on BurdaStyle with her how-to
  3. Lindsay T (Lindsay T Sews (Again) and Shop The Garment District) sourced some cute ones from Etsy 
  4. Dana on MADE has a great run down on what to look for when getting a big batch of labels professionally made for you (perhaps this is more of a read for those looking to set up in business/Etsy/Folksy etc. more than a home sewer?)
  5. Tanit-Isis used the print and transfer sheet idea to make several different coloured labels for her girls clothes and for her coat
  6. This tutorial shows you a way to print directly onto fabric to make DIY labels (or you can buy special printable fabric-sheets like Patty did).
  7. This page has 5-ways to make your own labels
  8. This  tutorial uses a stamp-pad and pen combo for different look, this one uses stamps too.

Of course if you have a fancy embroidery sewing machine you might want to try a few ideas on that too - ribbon, twill tape, mini-fabric patches etc.!

P.S. There's another DIY method I've seen recently different to all those above that involves cotton twill tape, ordinary plain paper (not transfer paper), reversing the printed image, and some soaking using cotton wool balls - with I think either nail varnish remover (which is usually acetone based) or surgical spirit - but I cannot find it at the moment, if I do locate it I shall add it to the list!


  1. Claire, I have to say, some of your posts are so resourceful! Thank you for doing all the research & posting your findings on labels. I will get around to it one of these days & I know where to come first! Yours are cute!

  2. I ordered some labels too a couple of weeks ago - I can't wait to get them! Look forward to seeing yours!

  3. @Scruffybadger
    Why thank you :)! I luv a good Google-sesh me ;), maybe it's the thrill of the chase 'n' hunting down that vital bit of info. LOL!

    Oooh, I'd love to see what labels you picked out too :)


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