Friday, 4 March 2011

Jeans... jean-ius or jean-uinley tricky?

Peter over at Male Pattern Boldness is running a Jeans Sew-Along starting on Monday 2nd May 2011. It's open to girls and guys alike - jeans after all are worn by practically everybody aren't they? However, for something we often spend an awful lot of time wearing it can be tricky to find a ready-to-wear pair that fits you well. Therefore, what better solution than to make your own? Butt (pun intended!), jeans are of course a type of trouser, and as is so often said in sewing circles trousers are bl***dy difficult to fit properly (hence I can see that Peter's sew-along will be a very handy resource for sharing tips and sewing-woes alike).

Ladies jeans patterns are pretty easy to find ("good" patterns are another debatable thing though LOL!), e.g. there's the much talked about and praised Jalie 2908 (made and much-altered by Tanit-Isis , Elaine and more recently by Melissa) it's been reviewed and talked about extensively over on

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Those 3 lovely ladies have both shared tips/thoughts on jeans-making too:

To Do, To Don’t, and What do I know?
The Selfish Seamstress answers your jeans questions
The first Jalie jeans

However, there are precious few resources out there for mens' jeans patterns.
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Having been inspired by Peter's sew-along, here are few places and patterns that I have un-earthed for men's jeans patterns.

In the UK the Kwik Sew 3504 Pattern (as mentioned in Peter's post) is available here: and also at Sew Essential too.

Kwik Sew 3504                                              2-pictures of: Burda 7733

Or worldwide people can download 3504 from: - Kwik Sew 3504

Also, for download are: Burda 7733 (Men's Straight Narrow leg jeans) I cannot find 7733 on the German website, but this [translated into English] for the French site has more info. on this pattern

The Jalie Men's Jeans 2107 are also on - Jalie 2107, or can be bought in the UK from - Jalie 2107 too.

Or, I wonder... if any of the many pages of Men's patterns on the Leko site could be adapted into jeans (maybe just tweaking the pockets into that familar rounded shape?) the advantage is that Leko let you download lots of their patterns in 1-fixed size for free!! But, you'd need to get grading if you choose the free copy :)

On a personal note I have the ladies Jalie 2908 (a Christmas present ;) ) on file ready to go! I'd mentally made a note to try making jeans toward the end of the year as I indeed feel that they are a tricky-make, however I can always save Peter's posts to file and follow along at later date if need be. Besides, I've only 2 more weeks of my pattern making course to finish and I hope that the trouser-block I make will help towards fitting a pair of jeans more easily too :) Here's hoping my jeans endeavours turn into jean-ius creations ;)


  1. Does this mean you're in? (I love spreading the jeans meme.) And good pattern hunting! :)

  2. Thanks for the big-up! This is a great rundown of the options out there, though I've also heard good things about BurdaStyle's "Anita" skinny jeans, too (you NEED stretch denim as there's negative ease, though). Also sell Burda patterns - I'd definitely recommend them over as habithat are LIGHTENING FAST shippers.

  3. @Tanit-Isis
    Yup - but I'll make them for hubby (easier than trying to fit them for me LOL!)
    You're v. welcome. Oooh, I'd not seen the Anita jeans before (& only $4.00 USD!). Cheers for the tips, I've bought from Habithat before & they were v. good indeed :)


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