Thursday, 24 March 2011

The Labels Have Landed!

Yesterday, the postie brought me a most welcome little envelope containing blue and white loveliness - my labels had landed!

Garment Labels 03
My actual labels - yipee!

The mock-up from the website

And, I reckon that they came out damn near spot-on compared to the mock-up that you can automatically generate on the website (yay!). At least you know that what you see is what you get (excepting of course for the usual differences in colour you get between monitor screens vs. real-life etc., etc. LOL!).

Garment Labels 01
They come stapled in strips stapled onto a little card

Garment Labels 02
The card tells you how to attach the labels

I'm one very happy bunny now :) !

In other news... 
Last Monday (14th March) I finished my 9-week pattern making course, and I am going to use some spare time I have next week to make the tweaks the tutor suggested during the fitting session we had in class to the 2nd toile (muslin) for my basic bodice block. Plus, I shall be making the 1st go for the muslin of my trousers block (sadly I no longer have access to the tutor to have an expert assess for fit :( hoo-hum!). Hopefully... the sloper from the trousers will help me complete my unfinished work on Sunni's Trouser Sewalong (at last hehe!).


  1. Ooh, have fun! I can't wait to see your pants. I should really go spend some time with my iron making up some more of my cheapie labels so I'll have them around (and perhaps actually USE them ;)

  2. @Tanit-Isis
    Yup, I really need some pants too. I'm a bit bored wearing the same 'ol jeans to work all the time, and some smart work trousers would then look fab with some me-made blouses for Spring methinks :)

    Re: your labels I reckon you'd be able to work some fab designs with your great drawing skills (*nods*)!

  3. Your labels turned out cute! And they are made somewhere besides China! So cool! :-)

    You're gonna be so happy when you complete your first pair of pants, it's a wonder the angels don't start singing. :-) Can't wait to see the finished ones.

  4. Love the labels! What a great idea!!

  5. Ooh, I want labels now. Good luck with your trousers!

  6. Totally cool! I have some fun cupcake goddess labels that I put in my garments. It gives it that final touch. And yes! You need to finish your pants and give us some tips on your bodice block!


  7. @countrygirlcouture Thank you! I'm very pleased with them, the blue (my fav colour) is a really sweet tone too :) And, I was very pleasantly surprised that the labels are home-grown in old Blighty LOL!

    @Debi Karen's pretty labels inspired me - though if you look in my earlier post on labels there's loads of DIY ways to make some at home - any shape or size I guess really :)

    @lizajane Thank you! I'm feeling more lucky this time as I think I have the crotch-length thing figured out LOL!

    @the Cupcake Goddess Oh yup, I've spotted your labels here and there on your self-makes in your posts before, v. cute too :) I will certainly share what little insight I can cast as a novice on my bodice-making experience (as it was the one bit I thought for certain would be tricky & I'd get it all wrong - the armscye/armhole turned out spot-on beginner's luck I guess!)

    I do hope the trousers go well too (*gulp*!) I've certainly got plenty of calico already washed and pressed ready to try making them with... before I need to break out my charcoal-grey + black (I want to make 2 pairs). When the muslin/toile finally fits right I shall make both pairs at the same time, step-by-step together :)

  8. Your labels are great, I recently ordered some too after finding out about them through Handmade Jane's blog. I'm so pleased that they are made in the UK too.

  9. @daisydonut
    Cheers! I got to use one for the first time in the bag for my friend recently!

    Have your labels arrived yet :)?

  10. Hi there Claire, found your blog via @lizajanesews, love your labels & your blog!

    I can't wait to see your next take on the trousers (after gaining new knowledge in pattern making). I was in that sew-along too. Sunni did a great job leading it, but after 3 muslins I had to take a break. :) I feel like I'm close, but just somehow missing something.

  11. I should make woven labels too, they are more durable than the iron transferred ones I have now... I need to do research!


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