Wednesday, 31 August 2011

'Sew Simple' - New Patterns by Simplicity... a short update

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Just a short little post - but it seems like Simplicity have eventually remembered that they've produced this new line - and at $1.99 USD per pattern, the prices are pretty good! That's about £1.22 GBP at current exchange rates.

On the official UK site (selling both Simplicity and New Look patterns), the 'Sew Simple' section shows 70 styles currently on offer - each priced at £3.45 (which is erm, about $5.60... so getting on towards x3 times the price of the US website - boo!). The range offer Misses (grown-up ladies LOL!), little girls (but no boys), home decor patterns, soft toys, doll's clothes, bags and even a dog costume and coat!

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<br>But there's only one solitary men's top... ahhh men you don't get much in the way of patterns do you :( ?

... 2 dog patterns to 1 men's is a very poor ratio indeed *sighs*!


  1. Ah ha, so they do exist! Got very confused by the previous message where they didn't exisit on the Simplicity site!

    Why are the prices so much cheaper in the US??

  2. Hi lovely lady! Indeed, how many dogs out there need clothing compared to how many dudes out there need clothing?! Mental!

    I wanted to 'drop by' to say a massive THANK YOU for making me aware of that linings book available as a PDF! That is sooo good to know. I just couldn't justify buying in book form coz it's frikkin expensive! But I'll definately get it in e-form now. Thanks again hon!

    Zoe xxx


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