Friday, 24 February 2012

Threads Insider, Part 1- Coming Soon (From: Threads Magazine)

Looks like Threads Magazine are upping their digital offering to sewists. I got the email above in my inbox yesterday. And, according to their website ...

As a Threads Insider you will have exclusive unlimited access to our new 
 features. Including:
  • Our growing video library (Teach Yourself to Sew, Industry Insider Techniques, Couture Basics, & more)
  • The Threads pattern database
  • A collection of our all-time favorite Threads articles
  • Digital access to our most recent issues of Threads (on the iPad for the first time, too!)
  • Automatic entry into monthy giveaways
  • Other special insider-only discounts and offers
 In just a few weeks you will be able to enjoy the ultimate sewing experience. Sign up for
 our enewsletter to get your invitation."
I'm guessing iPad owners will be curious to see if they will eventually move to being able to purchase the latest issue/s on e-edition? It will be interesting to see how this pans out methinks!

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  1. Quite honestly, I think I'd bung for an i-Pad edition of Threads! The subscription for the paper copy is painful to say the least and its a night mare to get hold of here in Norfolk! I wonder what the wedge to sign up will be...


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