Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Will This Class End My Trouser Fitting Woes...?


Ahhh, trousers, I've not really re-visited the pair I started for Sunni's sewalong this time last year. And it's been bugging me every since :(

I did go on the pattern making course I mentioned last year (in fact I took 2 short courses on the subject - but that's a topic for another post/s), and I did draft a trouser block/sloper based on my own measurements. But (should that be butt?), I never cut and sewed them up - therefore I never got to check the fit (my bad I know!).

Pics from last year's trouser muslin:

01 Trying on the trousers

02 Trying on the trousers - Muslin #1

So, now I want me some properly fitting trews! So, I've sent the Princely sum of £48 (approx. $75.30 USD) to attend The Perfect Trouser short course run by Morley College (yup - the same place where Melissa recently attended her course on the Pattern Magic 2 book, and where Karen went to make her fab dress).

Course Description:
"  The Perfect Trouser   
   •  Course Code VFC083A
   •  Saturday 28th - Sunday 29th April 2012 - 2 sessions
Times 10:00 - 16:00

If you find it difficult to achieve a successful fit when making trousers, this practical course is for you. The principles of what constitutes a good fit and how to achieve it will be discussed and demonstrated. Not suitable for beginners.

Every body shape is different and a pair of trousers that fit well is difficult to find for some people. Commercial patterns are for an ‘average’ shape and even patterns you may have made for yourself do not necessarily give you that perfect fit.

This practical course is for clothes makers and pattern cutters who find a successful fit difficult to achieve. It will allow you to explore fitting techniques and methods in a creative and supportive environment. The principles and skills learned can be transferred to other garments in general so will have a beneficial impact on all your clothes making or pattern cutting.

Previous experience in clothes making or pattern cutting is essential.

    What will I learn on the course?
    You will learn:
to make a toile for a basic fitted trouser
to apply appropriate techniques and methods to create a good fit
to adapt a pattern accordingly

           [All text above taken from the course brochure found here]

The course runs over a weekend from 10am-4pm on both days - so perfect, I don't have to rush anywhere after a long working day.

According to the course brochure I'll need to purchase my own copy of McCalls Pattern 5239 in my hip size.

Image Source: McCALLS (Pattern 5239)

5239 is a Palmer/Pletsch pattern - and they are known for their great fitting advice and these great steps/tips are shared in their pattern instructions.

There are a number of favourable reviews for this pants pattern on It's not a style I'd usually go for when pattern shopping (or in ready to wear clothing) as I'm usually a low-rise fit kinda girl - and this pattern is cut to fit the waistband on your natural waistline. However, I sincerely do hope; that buy attending this short course and getting to [fingers-crossed!] sort myself out with a well fitting pattern, I can the move forward with other styles and have fewer woes!


  1. I have draft my own pair and best thing I did xx

    1. Yup - I hope that post-course, I'll be able to tweak things to make my own perfectly fitting trouser block/sloper and then make my own jeans/different styles of trousers based on that :)

  2. The class sounds like a great idea. I'm still dealing with a few wrinkle issues in pants muslins myself.

    1. Maybe we should get a petition up and ask to do some fitting classes on video? They could get different body shapes in for different series :say trousers for one, darted tops for another, princess line tops another, sheath dresses, collar problem etc. etc.!

  3. Morley College sounds amazing. Best of luck with the trouser fitting, and tell us all about it!

  4. That sounds like a great class! Good luck with it - and let us know how you get on!

    1. Camera will be diligently packed, notebook at the ready + pencils sharpened!

  5. Oh, Tracy ( is taking that class, too! :D

  6. Yes, I'll see you in April at Morley College. I recently met Melissa at the Creative Pattern Cutting course and had a great time. We found a very nice pub around the corner for lunch!

  7. This looks like a very, very interesting course!! Do you know if there's still places available? I wouldn't mind doing it myself.

    1. Hi Suzy - yes I think there are. When I phoned them up to make my booking I asked how many people were already signed up and including me they said 4 people had signed up.

      Are you thinking of coming too :) ?

    2. I was thinking of going yes but can't now. I had to book some holidays to go home and couldn't weeks before (colleague already off) and weeks after plane tickets are triple price (bank holiday).

      I look forward to see how you get on.


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