Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sewing Meet-Ups! ... Good Things Come in Threes

Okay... good things do come in 3's folks! A few weeks back I was emailing back and forth with the delightful Kat and the lovely Marie about how much we all enjoyed sewing meet-ups; but that sometimes a few people missed-out on the sewing-joy because they needed time to plan their travel and book the best train ticket fares etc. So, we thought we'd plan out a few dates and share them with you guys :)

             (1) Brighton:
  Saturday 18th May 2013

                     Hosted by Claire (me!)    CLICK HERE to join us! 

              (2) Birmingham: Saturday 15th June 2013
                     Hosted by: Kat, Marie, and Claire (me)    CLICK HERE to join us! 

              (3) London - Goldhawk Road: Saturday 3rd August 2013
                     Hosted by Claire (me!)    CLICK HERE to join us! 

So... if you wanna join in the fun - click on the different links above and let us know if you can make it!

(NB: I've turned Commenting OFF on this particular blog-post peops... if you want to come-along to one of the above meet-ups please click on the appropriate link above and follow the instructions on the new web-page it takes you too - many thanks!)