Thursday, 20 January 2011

Dummys, Dummies and Dumber...

Just after last Christmas (that sounds like ages ago - but it's less than 4 weeks since we had Crimbo 2010!) someone gave me this 2011 calendar because they said they knew I'd like it, and I do! It's by a mannequin supplier called Alvanon here's a couple of pics I took of it - more pics in my Flickr photostream:

Alnanon Calendar 2011 - 01 Alnanon Calendar 2011 - 04 Alnanon Calendar 2011 - 17

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I recently made some detachable dummy clips from my friend V's new baby. I used this tutorial the Pacifier Clip Tutorial (on the Sew, Mama, Sew! Blog - created by Dana from MADE) to make x2 for her. They were really simple to make. I also bought a cheap case from Tesco's to store them in when she's out 'n' about with baby (the box can take the soothers without any straps and be used with a drop of water in the microwave to quickly sterlise them - so I thought it's be handy to have).

Dummy, Soother, Pacifier Clip,Strap 03 Dummy, Soother, Pacifier Clip,Strap 01 Dummy, Soother, Pacifier Clip,Strap 02

Dumber (me!) 
I forgot to check the width of bias binding needed to trim V's new denim bag and it all went a bit wonky. So, I've ordered a new bias binding maker from eBay  - therefore her (surprise) bag is not finished yet. But at least she has her pacifier clips - which she loved :) (yay!)

Denim Bag 70 percent finished Bias Binding - My Fail (Denim Bag)

On Friday/Saturday - I'll post about how I got on with my first muslin for the Trouser Sewalong :)


  1. Please share! How do you get the ends of bias binding to look neat. Mine always seem to end up "untidy " looking. I tend to avoid using bias binding as I can't keep it neat.

  2. Hi Pikojiko!
    LOL - I only received my new bias binding makers this weekend (posted to me from the US). So, I've not had a chance to add-on the binding to the edges & pockets of the bag. However, I shall be sure to posts pictures when I do sew it on :) The pics of the bag so far (as above) I've just folded back the reverse side of the fabric to show the "look" I want it to have once I have added on the bindings :)

    In the meantime I found this on Google, it's a section on 'Finishing the binding's ends' from page 79 of 'Couture Sewing Techniques' book by Claire B. Shaeffer.

    There's some pics also here (steps 8-10) that might help you :) ?


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