Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The Trouble With Trousers

Oh dear me! I was feeling all smug with myself and super-duper prepared. I really thought that I was ahead of schedule on Sunni's Trouser Sewalong - but not so it seems :( !

On Sunday evening I spent a *happy 2 hours tracing out the pattern #127 from the July 2010 issue of BurdaBurda's Tall sizes 72-88). The size I painstakingly copied was the biggest size this pattern goes up to (NB: the size 88 is same as their regular height women's size 44). 

Link: Burda Style - Size Chart (this link is from their German website, the link is to the English translation by Google) the chart [I believe] should apply to Burda Pattern Envelopes, as well as the patterns posted in the magazines.

However, I'd just blithely assumed it would be big enough for me. Having re-measured myself tonight a dawning realisation came upon me... I've *ahem* put on a few lots of pounds since my last measure-up which was in early summer '10 - and I now I need a Burda Tall size 96 for my waist, and a 92 for the hips (i.e., aside from the leg-length/ height differences... the same as a Burda regular size Waist-48, Hips -46). 

Sooooo it's a BIG OOPS for me!
Right then, as I've never **graded trousers before I decided I needed a similar pattern pronto, but in my size :) I quickly flicked through my modest stash of  magazines, and my fingers brought me to the Burda Plus Autumn/Winter 2010 issue:

Burda Plus Magazine - Autumn, Winter 2010

and trouser pattern number 406/407:
              Burda Plus Pattern 407           Technical Drawing - Burda Plus Pattern 406                       

So the plan is Wednesday evening to trace out Pattern 406/407 (the pattern pieces are the same for both - excepting a difference in pocket styles) and try to catch-up, or I'll end up like the Selfish Seamstress and it'll be No pants for me :(

*Strangely I seem to enjoy tracing - even if it does takes me ages LOL!
**I do own a lovely grading book but I've yet to read it and as a beginner I'm not ready to whisk up a new pattern-size overnight, so this will wait a little while longer to get tested.


  1. Oh, rats! What a pain! I haven't tried grading up yet, and trousers not at all---I don't blame you for heading for the hills. Your new pick looks great though! (and yay for posting!!!!!)

  2. OMG I'm considering joining this sew-along (well, I'm considering making pants) and after I read this, I remeasured myself yesterday. What do you know, I went up one size in the last year :( So thank you for posting that!

  3. @tanitisis
    Hi! I found a way around having to grade the trousers because the pattern #127 seems to come up a bit big on waist/hips. So, I'm sticking to making the #127 - but I'll keep the #406/407 on the back burner for a future pair - as I like the "normal" style waistband on it for everyday wear - perfect for work!. P.S. I'm glad you like your new serger manual

    @lin3arossa Thank you for reading my blog :) You might not have to worry too much re: increasing the size you cut out(see my link in this comment above to my post dated 06-Jan-2010) as the pattern seems to come up a bit big!


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