Monday, 10 January 2011

Style Inspiration #1: Lace-y Looks for my Pendrell Blouse

Not content with just one sewalong in January, I am also joining Tasia's Pendrell Blouse Sewalong!

I plan on making 2-blouses.
1: The ruffle sleeve version (View B) in a dark-dark navy blue viscose/cotton blend with little white flowers printed on it.
2: A sleeveless version (View C).

I had planned on only making one blouse, however these pictures crossed my path this week and convinced me otherwise  (well if I'm gonna make one, why not save myself some time in the long run re: cutting and make two instead hehe). I will make myself a muslin/fitting toile in order to tweak fit as I suspect I shall need a) a full-bust adjustment (FBA) to the pattern, and b) to make the sleeves/ruffles longer (or do I mean deeper/wider - well I know what I mean anywho?).

And, in my recent February 2011 issue of InStyle Magazine (UK Edition) I saw this lovely PREEN S/S 2011 dress.

Pendrell Blouse - Inspiration ('PREEN' DRESS)

I also, then saw this cream & black lace dress by NEXT (a UK high street store).

Pendrell Blouse - Inspiration ('NEXT' Lace Dress)

I'm loving the contrasting colours - almost monochromatic, however if it were white instead of cream I think it might be far too likely to get dirty for work wear!.

IIRC I have some cream lace hidden in a bag in my *loft, and I have some nice black cotton that I could use to underline my **top.
Oooooh... new thought, new thought! Maybe later on I could make a lace skirt (underlined in black again with a black waistband - as per the Next dress above) to match? A top and skirt would be far more versatile wardrobe wise for me than a dress alone (yay!) I've already made (but not blogged) a blue 'n' white striped seersucker cotton skirt last summer using Gertie's tutorial for "Making a Full gathered Skirt" (Part 1, Part 2) - I will use it again for the skirt :)

There are more pictures from other sew-alongers in the Sewaholic Pattern Flickr Group Pool to enjoy too :)

*Well... when you run out of room in the spare bedroom the fabric stash has gotta go somewhere ;)
**Is it called a top or a blouse when it's sleeveless? I err towards top, a blouse feels more formal (via the addition of sleeves) ergo to my mind sleeveless = top :D!


  1. I love the idea of lace! I would have naturally thought of white/cream lining but the black is pretty and unexpected. Love it!

  2. Love the idea of lace as well! I can see that top paired with a black pencil skirt for work or something, and then with the lace skirt for a more casual it!

  3. Thanks guys! I think it'll come out lovely.
    P.S. Tasia your Scalloped-Edge Lace Cutting Post looks very handy - thank you (I still haven't ventured up into my loft, so i cannot recall if my lace has a scalloped edge or not LOL!).


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